The Board of Directors shall have full power to adopt all regulations to govern the deliberations so long as they comply with the rules and regulations of Dixie Youth Baseball, Inc. advance to Dixie World Series. (F) All state tournaments will be bid statewide every season. system for each game field. The Host shall provide medical and security personnel at the fields throughout the games and shall have immediate access to nearby ambulance and hospital emergency services. Physical Address: Brightleaf Court - Office Park . Birthdays; . The host will provide individual and team trophies for the winner and runner-up of each division of the Rookie State Tournaments. ARTICLE II - Assistant State Director: The State Director shall assign the duties of the Assistant State Director. Appendix G contains the bid procedures and the minimum requirements for hosting the Rookie State Tournaments. system for each game field. ARTICLE VI - The National Board Members: The duties and all matters of the National Board Members are outlined in the Dixie Youth Baseball, Inc., Bylaws. More Opinion. The filling of any vacancies will be at the discretion of the State Director, or their designee. Standard Mileage Rate as posted on January 1st of each year; partial cents will be rounded up to the next $.01. 36345 phone:334 798 6111 Kent Calhoun, Assistant Director h1C CJ h h1C 56OJ QJ h hVG 56OJ QJ h? 56OJ QJ h6() 56OJ QJ h4> 56OJ QJ h hKEG 56OJ QJ hK h1C 6OJ QJ ^J hK h1C 5CJ OJ QJ ^J hK h1C CJ( OJ QJ ^J 4 5 E R d ~ k $ dh ]a$gdp " $ The Coordinator and all umpires are required to attend the respective State Tournament umpire meeting(s). If such services are provided the intent of services will be announced during the credential meeting. In baseball, there are three Dixie Youth AAA (9-10) sub-district tournaments, three Dixie Youth Major. DBB OFFERING YOUTH BASEBALL FOR OVER 65 YEARS . Tournament Director / Umpire Coordinator / Umpires The State Director will appoint the Tournament Director(s) for the Rookie State Tournament(s). . Bylaws and the Official Rules and Regulations, Dixie Youth Baseball, Inc. No official of Alabama Dixie Youth Baseball will serve as an Official in another youth baseball program that offers a program that competes with Dixie Youth Baseball. 5. The Tournament Director shall work with the Host to secure umpires for the tournament(s). The Host shall provide adequate press box (facilities) to comfortably and safely support a minimum of five (5) people per playing field. CORLEY - - SPORTSMANSHIP AWARD - Alabama Dixie Youth Baseball AAA State Tournament (Host City), Alabama July, (Year) - CHAMPIONS Alabama Dixie Youth Baseball AAA State Tournament (Host City), Alabama July, (Year) - RUNNER UP - Alabama Dixie Youth Baseball AAA State Tournament (Host City), Alabama July, (Year) NOTE 1: The above-listed size specifications will also apply for trophies awarded at the Alabama Rookie AAA State Tournament. The Host shall arrange for the immediate retrieval of all Home Run balls and No Hit game balls and return the same to the press box. One-third (1/3) of the total bid amount(s) will be due and payable within thirty (30) days of award. Practice field assignments will not be made until the Credentials Meeting. External links are provided for reference purposes.Alabama Dixie Youth Baseball is not responsible for the content of external Internet sites. (C) State Tournament play will be offered in all divisions of Rookie Tournament play. The State Representative(s) are classified as Advisory liaisons* that do not count toward meeting voting or quorum requirements. Transparency. Note: A & AA divisions four (4) coaches. The two bracket winners will play a two out of three playoffs to determine the State Championship. Upon request of three members of the Board of Directors, the State Director or Senior National Board member to hear the problem at hand will call a meeting of the Board of Directors. There will be an invocation and a national anthem performed. If the game in question is the final game of that level of tournament play, the suspension will carry over for that individual Manager/Coach provided his/her team wins and advances to the next level, otherwise the rule will be enforced the following tournament season for that individual. Play will begin on the evening of Day 1. If the Host is unable to secure an adequate number of umpires from their local district, they should contact the State Director for additional umpires. The Ceremony should be limited to no more than 1 hours in length and may end with a Grand Finale of fireworks, lazar show, or other types of entertainment. (H) All Alabama Dixie Youth State Tournament Statisticians must submit their updated Dixie Youth State Tournament Records to the State Director no later than the day of the currentAnnual Fall Board Meeting foruse in the following year's State Tournament. Admission charge is $7 daily for ages 13 and older . The winning bid will be announced at the Fall State Board of Directors Meeting. AUM Dixie Softball Montgomery, Alabama 36117 Phone : 334-300-0760 Email: [email . These items should be replenished as needed and the dugouts cleaned between games. Any excess funds accumulated by the UTP will be used to reduce future costs associated with administering the UTP. The Administrator will maintain the finances of the program and will submit an annual financial report to the State Board. announcements should include one of the several canned Dixie Youth announcements that will be provided, followed by appropriate music. Alabama Dixie Youth Baseball will also supply DYB logo signs to be displayed at the playing fields. The State Director will appoint a qualified Umpire Coordinator for each state tournament. The host should have a contingency plan in place should an additional set of runner-up trophies be needed. Two of their coaches were kicked out of the tournament following a fight Monday. Sunday's schedule starts at 2 p.m. with other games scheduled for 3:30 and 5:30 p.m. Monday's schedule has games at 9:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Each umpire must have passed the current year online Alabama Dixie Youth Umpire Training Program and attended the current year district umpire workshop. The system shall be clear and audible to all participants and fans. Qualified adult Press Box Director, announcers, scoreboard operators, scorers, and P.A. It has been the general policy for Host to provide special hospitality foods and soft drinks for the Dixie Youth Officials, coaches, Umpires, and tournament workers during games. (B) The Division I AA Coach Pitch State Tournament will consist of 16 teams minimum that is split into 2 eight-team brackets, with the bracket winners playing a best of 3 series for the state championship; the Division I AAA & O-Zone State Tournaments will consist of 12 teams minimum (11 district champions + 1 host team and any runner-ups needed to complete the bracket). The Coordinator(s) will work under the direction of the State Director, or his/her designee, and the Tournament Director. The Tournament Director, or their designee, will approve the umpire crews assigned to all State Tournament Games. APPENDIX G Rookie State Tournament(s) Procedures & Requirements Minimum Requirements 1. system operators are the responsibility of the Host(s). Exceptions: Per Diem expense will be paid at the rate of $25.00 per day when overnight is required and the per-mile travel allowance will be paid at $.10 less than the I.R.S. Girls Dixie Youth Softball. The State Tournament Information Packet must include specific information regarding the submission of the team photograph. Bylaws. For the AA Coach Pitch State Tournament, the minimum acceptable bid is $8,500.00; for the AAA, Majors, and O-zone State tournaments the minimum acceptable bid is $7,500.00; for the Rookie State Tournament the minimum acceptable bid is $9,500.00; for the Division 2 State Tournament, the minimum acceptable bid is $10,000.00; 6U North and 6U South State Tournament, the minimum acceptable bid is $5,000.00 per tournament. The Host shall provide ample parking space near the park for the anticipated attendees at no additional charge to include VIP parking for the tournament workers, team managers, umpires, Dixie Youth Officials, and special guests. A maximum 24 team tournament will be scheduled. Play will begin on the evening of Day 1. IF LIGHTNING IS IN THE AREA, LEAVE THE FIELD IMMEDIATELY. These balls will be labeled and signed by the Dixie Youth Directors before being presented by a Director immediately following each game. Renew Franchise. This facility will be used as a dressing area, meeting area, and as an area to rest between games. "DBB conducts a series of District, Zone and State Tournaments each year. As Host Parents, they should meet the assigned team when the team arrives for tournament play and Host parents should be available to assist in any way needed. Always select experienced adult scorekeepers and scoreboard operators that are willing to give close attention and record everything promptly and accurately. ARTICLE V - The District Directors: The duties of the District Directors will be those duties as outlined in the Dixie Youth Baseball, Inc., By-Laws. $41.15. District 8. The Host League and host parent should make this presentation following the game of the recipient. With the approval of the State Director leagues may bid jointly with a neighboring league to host the Rookie State Tournaments. Kirby Michaels, District 3 Director 1574 Green Circle Northport. Additional awards will be presented in increments of five years. The host should have a contingency plan in place should an additional set of runner-up trophies be needed. All-State Tournament Brackets will be submitted to the State Director for approval. (D) The State Director may take any action(s) necessary to facilitate state tournament play in any division that does not have the required number of teams. Rookie AAA and O-Zone a maximum 16 team tournament will be scheduled. You can take advantage of great discounts on items that you are going to need for the upcoming . incurred by the UTP program will be paid from a training fee paid by the class attendees. James Simmons, District 10 Director 56 Blossom Circle Tallassee, Alabama 36078 cell : (334) 640 1644 email: . Expenses incurred by the State Representative(s) discharging their assigned duties, when properly receipted and approved by the State Director, will be reimbursed per state policy from the state treasury. Seven Dixie Boys teams will try to win State and represent Alabama in the World Series in Sterlington La. The Tournament Director, or their designee, will approve the umpire crews assigned to all State Tournament Games. (F) The State Director shall recommend for appointment State Representative(s) to assist the State Director in administering the program at the state level. The rooms shall be made available the night before the scheduled credential meeting of tournament week and continue until the morning following the umpires notification of no longer being required in the rotation. A minimum of two (2) umpires for each game in all divisions. 6U/7U Coach Pitch - Hattiesburg. These individuals will be responsible for their meal arrangements. Umpires must be on time and will report to the field when the announcement is made for the visiting team to start infield practice. If a District Director fails to submit his recommendations of umpires, the State Director or their designee can select umpires from the others recommended by other districts. system shall be available within five (5) minutes of an existing system failure. Alabama Dixie Youth Baseball Board Of Directors State Director: Ricky Phaturos National Directors: Vann Saltz Jack Fillingham Charlie Bell Deputy State Director: Dale Phillips Deputy State Director: Vacant District 1 Director: Ken Boster District 2 Director: Marcus Wood District 3 Director: Kirby Michaels District 4 Director: Robert Douglass District 5 Director: Randy Phaturos District 6 Director: Jeff Speed District 7 Director: Scott Patrick District 8 Director: Tony Keith District 9 Director: Hal Carrington District 10 Director: James Simmons District 11 Director: Gary Hicks Page PAGE \* MERGEFORMAT 2 of 36 3 4 5 6 A B C D E R d J M P Q rfrbb[TPbrKbC h h1C \ h1C \h4 hQe h4 hQe h1C h1C h1C CJ OJ QJ ^J h;7: h1C 6CJ OJ QJ ^J The Host shall provide special transportation for handicapped guests from the parking lots to the playing fields and back, including to and from restrooms, concessions, and souvenir operations. The same Logo will work well for the tournament souvenir tee shirts, caps, baseballs, and so forth. MANAGERS AND COACHES ARE NOT ALLOWED TO WARM-UP PITCHERS AT ANY LEVEL OF SANCTIONED TOURNAMENT PLAY. July 1 - 3. 4) A and AA Tournament teams will have 12 players, AAA and Ozone teams will have 11 players Note: A player may play above their league age but under no circumstances can a player play below their league age. The minimum bid for hosting the combined Rookie State Tournaments is $9,500.00. Renew Franchise. . Vann Saltz was elected in 2014, Jack Fillingham elected in 2019, Charlie Bell elected in 2020 ARTICLE VII - The Annual Meeting: (A) The Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors should be held at least ten (10) days before the date of the State Conference. ARTICLE IV - The Secretary: The Secretary will record and maintain the minutes of all meetings of the Board of Directors. District 2; District 3; District 4; District 5; District 6; District 7; District 8; District 9; District 10; District 11; State Bidding Requirements; . The State Tournament Information Packet must be available to the State, National, and District Directors no later than June 5th. Qualified Adult Press Box Director, announcers, scoreboard operators, scorekeepers, and P.A. Dugouts, sideline fencing, and a scoreboard must be provided. Resources. The general instructions listed below should help maintain the proper image. Subsequent days of play will be determined when the number of participating teams is determined for each tournament. The duties of the State Representative(s) will be assigned by the State Director. At the District Credentials meeting, a players name may be listed on only one of the league's tournament teams. Dixie Youth Baseball World Series 2021. The Host(s) shall provide and operate souvenir booths that offer an approved assortment of reasonably priced memorabilia (such as but not limited to, pins, caps, tee shirts, banners, and action photo shots) throughout the tournament. Not now. The Host League shall provide space for an Umpires Meeting upon request of the Tournament Director on or before the first day of tournament play. The conduct of the State Director, (Assistant State Director, Deputy State Director(s), and Secretary if appointed), the National Board Members, the District Directors, and their Assistants will be beyond reproach. City of Dothan 126 N Saint Andrews Street Dothan, AL 36303 P.O. Umpires must look professional and be professional. Phone: Cell (334) 207-3181, Email: [email protected] DISTRICT 5 ASSISTANT DIRECTOR - DANNY MARTIN , 1078 Autumn Ridge Road, Montgomery, Alabama 36117. The maximum bid to host an A Coach Pitch State Tournament (North or South) is $5,000.
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